Week 2 | Write a paragraph pitching your book and then distil it into no more than 3 sentences (basically, a blurb). Show both.

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Week 2

I have gone through so many drafts and redrafts of my ‘pitch’ over the last four years and I’m still not 100% happy with the one I’ve currently settled on. In fact, even as I write this blog post, I’m thinking of ways to change it. It’s a very difficult skill to master and I wish you all luck with it (and, if anyone can give me pointers, I am listening). Here we go…

The paragraph:

When her grandfather’s house explodes, 11-year-old Anna Squires is thrown into a hidden world of magic, myth and legend. The Seelie Court – home of the proud and vicious Sidhe – isn’t just a place from her grandfather’s bedtime stories. It’s real; filled with wicked faeries, stolen children and deadly kelpies. Far from home, Anna discovers a family secret: her grandfather is King of the Fair Folk, and wants to name her as his heir. Yet, not everyone agrees with the king’s decision. Some, in fact, would kill to change his mind…

And the distilled three sentences:

When her grandfather’s house explodes, 11-year-old Anna Squires discovers she’s the heir to a hidden kingdom of myth and legend: the Seelie Court. Surrounded by the proud Sidhe, vicious goblins and deadly kelpies, she must prove herself worthy of the Elder Throne or lose her grandfather forever. But someone else wants the Throne for themselves; in fact, they’d kill for it…

phewPitching is the hardest thing about writing, in my opinion.

I suppose, like any form of writing, a lot of practice is required!

Week 1 | Your inspiration / motivation for writing the book

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 1

My inspiration for The Elder Throne came from a lie I told my oldest niece, Issy. Aged five, she was having behavioural issues that were driving her mother (my sister) around the bend. I decided to help out… Continue reading