Week #12 | Social Media Phenomenon

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

SS3I rarely pay attention or join in with social media phenomenons. The only one I can actually remember taking part in was the Ice Bucket Challenge, which I did for charity (as did we all). Yet, as that was so long ago, I don’t really know what to write for this blog post.

I can think of nothing interesting to say about SMPs that hasn’t been said before so I’m going to cheat. Instead, I’m going to promote my favourite comic (as it is shared via social media and I believe should become a phenomenon because I find her so funny and relevant to my life in general). Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW | Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen (5 stars)

adulthood is a mythVerdict: Brilliant and incredibly relatable. I think Andersen is stalking me and my friends.

I don’t usually review publications like comic-strip books or graphic novels, but this book hit me so hard in the face with its perfection that I felt compelled to share it with the world.

Dubbed as ‘A Sarah’s Scribbles collection’, Adulthood is a Myth is a vivid insight into the mind and life of Sarah Andersen, who is the new spokeswoman for a generation of artistic introverts. From battling wars with her sadistic uterus and to constantly losing the fight to leave her bed on a rainy day, Andersen’s cartoon creation speaks to the little niggling voice in all of our heads, saying one thing: I get it.

And she does get it. I enjoyed this brilliantly funny collection of sketches from start to finish. I could relate to most of them personally; the few I didn’t identify with were sent to my friends, who related to them instead.

The art itself is very simplistic but appealing, with Andersen’s style expressing obvious emotion just by tweaking a few lines of ink. I’d recommend this to anyone who, although technically adult, feels as far from grown-up as can be. If you prefer books to people and can’t wait to get into your pyjamas at the end of the day; if you’re a fan of procrastination and struggle being socially acceptable on a daily basis, this book is for you.