Occult October | Zoophagous Zombies


Zombies are enjoying a resurgence in popularity of late, with films, books and TV shows dedicated to them in global media. It’s thought that books, television and films tend to swing from one supernatural creature to the next on a cycle of about fifteen years. In recent times, there have been Witches (Charmed, Harry Potter), Vampires (Twilight, The Vampire Diaries), and now it’s the turn of the zombie (The Walking Dead, iZombie).

But where does the idea of a shambling, grunting (or walking and talking) corpse come from? What makes them so fascinating that they secure a spot in this supernatural cycle? Where does the legend of the zombie come from? And are we really, as the Daily Mail claimed in 2015, destined to submit to a zombie apocalypse? Continue reading

Give me Goosebumps: Happy birthday, R L Stine

With the impending release of the new film Goosebumps, I’ve started down a 90’s nostalgia path from which I have yet to return. So, with that in mind – a big Happy Birthday wish to R.L. Stine, who thoroughly creeped me during my childhood and adolescence.

To celebrate the birth anniversary of the Point Horror Master himself, I’ve gathered a list of my favourite Stine titles. I spent many happy hours in the library thanks to this man, so picking just ten was really difficult. If you’re not familiar with any of these books, I suggest you check him out for a spine-tingle of your very own.

R. L. Stine’s Top Ten Terrors

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BOOK REVIEW: Pathogen: Patient Zero by Kai Kiriyama (3 stars)

Please note: I read an ARC of Pathogen and have assumed any typos/production errors have been corrected by the published date.

Verdict: Nicely paced and enjoyable.

Pathogen: Patient Zero is a horror detailing the treatment of Patient Zero, the origin of a zombie virus.

Pathogen is short, engaging book that I whizzed through over two days’ worth of train journeys. Told from the first person perspective, it follows the story of a young woman with a mysterious illness.

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