A spring in your step for Ostara

Spring is in the air! 


In the Celtic calendar, 20-21st March is the festival of Ostara; the Spring Equinox. It is a time of new beginnings, of birth and rebirth, and plentiful supplies of chocolate eggs. Yummy.

The Celtic Wheel of the Year features heavily in my children’s series, Equinox, as the quarter-points of the year (the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes [1] [2]; the Summer and Winter Solstices) are traditionally the points at which the barriers between the Fae and human worlds are at their thinnest.

But Ostara was also the basis for the Christian festival for Easter, making it a far more popular festival than its Autumn counterpart, Mabon. The good news is: that means lots of food and frolics to line up for the Bank Holiday weekend… Continue reading

Acreage closed for Easter


As this post goes up, I’ll hopefully be stepping off the train in Bruges for a long-awaited holiday with my partner. I say ‘hopefully’ because our Eurostar leaves at Stupid o’clock AM and neither one of us functions properly before midday.

Assuming we both arrived at our destination, my blog will be quiet for the next week whilst I soak up some architecture, foreign culture and literal tonnes of chocolate. After all, I’m in Belgium at Easter. What else would I do?

I’ll probably be offline for most of this time so, if you’re among those taking part in Camp Nanowrimo (especially those in my cabin), I wish you the best of luck with your goals. I’ll still be stealing some time away from The Boy to work on my own project, holiday or not. Ideally I’ll be in a Bruges cafe with some sweet treats rewarding my progress…

Have a lovely Easter / spring holiday!