Assassin’s Fate is out! | Meeting Robin Hobb

hobb signingLast night, I headed over to Shaftesbury Avenue for a Robin Hobb book signing. It was pouring with rain but trivial things like terrible weather have never stopped me celebrating my geekdom. Robin Hobb, for me, is the Holy Grail of fiction writers and apparently I’m not alone in thinking that. When I got there, the queue was very long. Fortunately my friend Maria had arrived in plenty of time to save a space for us. S.E. Berrow rocked up a short while later, bringing clear skies with her, and the door to Forbidden Planet opened.  Continue reading

We need to talk about Kennitsson

It’s no secret I adore Robin Hobb books, potentially more than life itself. So when my fellow fan, S.E. Berrow, delivered some exciting news this morning, I was filled with an unquenchable glee.

From Hobb’s own blog, 5th March:

…And the manuscript is what I must return to right now.  I am both re-writing the earlier parts of the book, and pushing into the end chapters. I need to get back to that, as I left Fitz and Amber in a room with Kennitsson, on board the Paragon…

Fitz? On the Paragon? With Amber and the son of Captain Be-Still-My-Little-Black-Heart Kennit?

It kills me that this book won’t be out in August as I’d originally hoped, but only because I’m so impatient. I can barely wait five minutes for more information about Kennitsson in general, and this scene in particular. I have so many questions I want answered, but I’ll be happy to sit and spiral into madness with anticipation.

I know Hobb. This is going to be worth waiting for.

My immediate questions:

  • What is Fitz’s reaction to seeing Paragon? Y’know, that sentient ship WITH HIS FACE.
  • What is Althea’s feeling about Kennitsson being aboard the Paragon?
  • What is Paragon‘s feeling about Kennitsson?
  • What is Kennitsson like?
  • Just how badly is Amber cringing at all the potential dangers to xer privacy?