Rest in peace, Alan Rickman


A part of me can’t quite believe that I’m burying two of my heroes in the same week, both having died at age 69, both from cancer. It seems an unfair and unreal situation but then death always does.

Many will know Alan as Professor Severus Snape, but before he came on screen as the Potions Master in Harry Potter, he was my ‘at least I didn’t do it with a spoon’ Sheriff of Nottingham. I can’t count how many hours I spent watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with my sister over the years – it was a fixture of every family Christmas and Rickman’s Nottingham was the source of many favourite family quips since.

Beyond that, Alan was a face of my childhood. From Die Hard, to Dogma, to Love Actually, he has been the actor in so many of my favourite films in so many stages of my life. It seems an indescribable loss that I won’t see him in my future.

My thoughts are with his family and friends today, who knew him as a person and not just the symbol.

Rest in peace, Mr. Rickman.

The rebel Lazarus


The Internet will be awash with tributes to the late, very great David Bowie. Quite rightly so, for he was an icon for many, spanning generations of music lovers and the LGBTQ community. I won’t add much, because although my appreciation of Bowie went beyond listening to his music, there are others who have more poignant connections. All I will say is that he will be missed, and he will be remembered. Rest in peace.