RagnarokMiddle Grade / Ages 9-12 Children’s Fantasy

When Burr Larkspur is exiled from the Seelie Court, he must join the Wild Hunt to pay penance for his crimes against the King.

Once revered as gods, the Hunt is now a dangerous army of cut-throats and criminals. Led by the grim Lord Herla, they are charged with reaping the souls of fallen warriors until they are pardoned for their earthly crimes.

Burr’s first mission takes him to Norway, where mysterious disappearances have led Herla to believe that a long-feared beast has awoken. A thing of myth and legend; a giant wolf of ice and stone.

Alone except for his hunting companion, the fierce and distrustful Petal Pengrove, Burr must use everything he has to succeed. And survive.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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