Week 31 | Book recommendations | Fans of your book might also enjoy

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Week 31

I like to read a lot of children’s books and there are so many of different genres that I’d love to recommend. I suppose, in order to recommend books that share commonalities with The Elder Throne, I’d have to break down what those commonalities might be. Here goes…

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Week 30 | Describe (or show) your book’s ideal cover

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Week 30

My book’s cover has been through several evolutions and I’m still not quite sure I’ve settled on the right one. Covers are so important, aren’t they? Anyone who says ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has clearly never been in a bookshop. With so many titles on the shelves, you want yours to stand out.

It should be noted that I’m a writer, not an artist or a designer. So, with that in mind, I’ve included two covers – one is concept art created by my fiance as a favour, and the other is something I mashed together myself when I wanted a new ‘clean-cut’ look. It’s hard to settle on what I truly want, really, and I believe that if I ever get to the stage of publishing my book with a company, I will defer to their expertise.

In the meantime…

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Week 29 | Guest post: Get a friend who is familiar with your novel to speak about it

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Week 29

This week, I (somewhat nervously) hand the reins over to my writing partner, S.E. Berrow, who is both one of my closest friends and greatest WIP critics.

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Week 28 | Tell us about… sports in your book

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Week 28

What a perfect time for a sports post! By sheer happenstance, this week’s question coincides with England facing down Croatia for a place in the 2018 World Cup Final, so what better time to embrace the topic? (**whispers** It’s coming home…) [Update: It did not, in fact, come home.]

The Seelie Court, like any society, has its own sports and entertainment, uniquely tailored to the abilities of its Fae inhabitants. The games range from the small, day-to-day sports, played by Fae children: catch; various races – on foot, by wing; to the seasonal: ice skating, snow battles etc., which are enjoyed by the community.

There is also a renowned tri-annual competition called the Solstice Games – featuring something called the Gauntlet – that I will be focusing on today.

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Week 27 | Your favourite location in your novel

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Week 27My favourite location in the Seelie Court (I’ll save my favourite UnSeelie location for if and when we ever make it over the border…) is the Circle of Knowledge.

Run by Madam Sage Begonia, it is in essence a huge library built into the underside of the Hill of Tara. It contains volumes on every subject you could imagine, from Fae and human history (told from a Fae perspective) to the inner workings of Faerie science, including magical botany and the ingredients for numerous, specific healing potions. Continue reading

Week 26 | Your protagonist was born a different sex. Does your story change?

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No, not at all.

I did think about this quite a bit, trying to work out if there were any decisions Anna makes or reactions she has that would be influenced by her gender. I came to the conclusion that she would act exactly the same if she were a boy instead of a girl. Anna’s actions are influenced by who she is as a person, and her personality was largely formed by her closeness with her mother, her paternal grandfather, and her best friend Tom. None of these relationships would change if she were a boy, therefore it stands to reason that Anna herself – and thus her story – would also remain the same.

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Week 25 | Illustrations of three of your characters

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Week 25

I have waited so long to be able to share the illustrations of my main three characters with you. This is mainly because I kept getting distracted and commissioning side or minor characters instead. My go-to illustrator is BrettArts because I feel he perfectly captures what I’m aiming for. So, with the greatest pride and pleasure, I would like to share with you… Priya Dhawan, Spindle Larkspur and Anna Squires. Continue reading