Week 27 | Your favourite location in your novel

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Week 27My favourite location in the Seelie Court (I’ll save my favourite UnSeelie location for if and when we ever make it over the border…) is the Circle of Knowledge.

Run by Madam Sage Begonia, it is in essence a huge library built into the underside of the Hill of Tara. It contains volumes on every subject you could imagine, from Fae and human history (told from a Fae perspective) to the inner workings of Faerie science, including magical botany and the ingredients for numerous, specific healing potions. Continue reading

Week 26 | Your protagonist was born a different sex. Does your story change?

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No, not at all.

I did think about this quite a bit, trying to work out if there were any decisions Anna makes or reactions she has that would be influenced by her gender. I came to the conclusion that she would act exactly the same if she were a boy instead of a girl. Anna’s actions are influenced by who she is as a person, and her personality was largely formed by her closeness with her mother, her paternal grandfather, and her best friend Tom. None of these relationships would change if she were a boy, therefore it stands to reason that Anna herself – and thus her story – would also remain the same.

However, although the story / plot itself would not change, there may be a few micro-changes to the way people react to her. Continue reading

Week 25 | Illustrations of three of your characters

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Week 25

I have waited so long to be able to share the illustrations of my main three characters with you. This is mainly because I kept getting distracted and commissioning side or minor characters instead. My go-to illustrator is BrettArts because I feel he perfectly captures what I’m aiming for. So, with the greatest pride and pleasure, I would like to share with you… Priya Dhawan, Spindle Larkspur and Anna Squires. Continue reading

Week 24 | A minor character is now your protagonist. How do they fare?

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Week 24

Not very well.

The story that centres around Anna is a story that only she can navigate because of who she is and where she is at certain times. She alone overheard a piece of vital information that is key to discovering the mystery she solves, so if I were to stay true to the plot, then any minor character would be clueless about what’s happening until it happens.

However, if a minor character were to have exactly the same knowledge that Anna has… hmmm… Continue reading

Week 23 | Top 5 quotes from your book

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Week 23

I didn’t really write The Elder Throne with “quotables” in mind, so I had to ask a few of my beta readers for any stand-out snippets. I’ve presented them without much context (and out of order) so I can avoid major spoilers. Enjoy!

Continue reading

Week 22 | What you find easiest / hardest about the writing process

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Week 22

Every writer is different, which is a fact I often think of whenever I talk to my writing partner S.E. Berrow about the process and each other’s progress. For some people, the act of writing is free-flowing, as easy as breathing, but for some it is like pulling teeth. For others, editing is the best part about the writing process – getting to whittle down those words into something streamlined and clean; whereas some might liken it to crawling through a scorching, barren desert without any clothes or water – hard to do, with a reasonable expectation that it might be the last thing you ever do. Continue reading

Week 21 | An interview with your villain

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Week 21

So, this week’s question focuses on my story’s villain. The thing about The Elder Throne, though, is that it actually has two villains – although one is certainly worse than the other. However, today I want to shake things up in this challenge, so I’m choosing to look at my secondary villain instead of my main one (who you will find out about in subsequent weeks).

This man is a type of every-day villain. There’s nothing dramatic about him, but his views on the world are poisonous, and he makes life very difficult for everyone around him. I used the basic questions suggested in a previous post of mine – Hot Seating – which is a theatrical method of getting into character. Everyone, meet the ‘noble’ and ever-pompous… Lord Leander Goodfellow. Continue reading