Week #17 | My biggest fears

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

I have two big fears. Spiders, which is pretty usual, and people with entirely black eyes – especially if those people happen to be young girls.


cute-green-spiderA fear of spiders is pretty commonplace, but I do remember a time when I wasn’t afraid of them. Until age five, I would quite happily catch them for my mother and sister and put them outside. At some point growing up, this changed. I believe wholeheartedly that my arachnophobia is a learned behaviour, given that both my mother and older sister are afraid of spiders; however, my brother did hide plastic spiders in my bed and throw them at me, so perhaps it developed naturally after all. Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW | A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab (3.5 stars)

conjuring-of-lightVerdict: A neat end to a great story, definitely worth the read but lacking the magnetism of the previous two novels. 

The novel picks up where A Gathering of Shadows ended; our heroes are in a bad place and the odds are stacked high against them. Osaron, the piece of magic who would be king, the piece of magic who thinks its a god, is free, and all surviving Londons – White, Red and even Grey – could pay the ultimate price. Continue reading

Week #16 | My favourite fashion accessory

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

Hat photoFashion is not really my thing. I’m not known for keeping up with the latest outfits or even knowing half the designers in London Fashion Week. But…

I really love hats.

I own surprisingly few of them, considering they make me so happy; the reason for this is that I’m always losing them. I can never resist trying them on whenever I pass that section in shops and I don’t even care if they make me look stupid (which they often do).

Week #15 | Time management

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

learning-english-with-michelle-time-on-your-hands-idioms-of-time-StFytV-clipartIt’s funny that this question should come smack-dab in the middle of my current race against time. For those of you who missed it, I made a bet with my partners which requires me to finish editing my novel before 3rd May, or else give up the right to read Robin Hobb’s new book, Assassin’s Fate. You can see the countdown on the side of this blog page.

I have never considered time to be on my side. I have a full time job which frequently requires extra hours. I have a house that requires cleaning, a family that requires maintaining weekly, and then there’s The Boy, who I apparently I need to spend time with just because we’re dating. I know, right? Ridiculous. Plus I love reading, which is a time-consuming hobby in itself and not one I’m willing to give up.

So how do I manage my time to get all that done, plus write and edit without going insane? Continue reading

Acreage closed for Easter


As this post goes up, I’ll hopefully be stepping off the train in Bruges for a long-awaited holiday with my partner. I say ‘hopefully’ because our Eurostar leaves at Stupid o’clock AM and neither one of us functions properly before midday.

Assuming we both arrived at our destination, my blog will be quiet for the next week whilst I soak up some architecture, foreign culture and literal tonnes of chocolate. After all, I’m in Belgium at Easter. What else would I do?

I’ll probably be offline for most of this time so, if you’re among those taking part in Camp Nanowrimo (especially those in my cabin), I wish you the best of luck with your goals. I’ll still be stealing some time away from The Boy to work on my own project, holiday or not. Ideally I’ll be in a Bruges cafe with some sweet treats rewarding my progress…

Have a lovely Easter / spring holiday!

Week #14 | My favourite book

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb


Was there ever any doubt?

I read a lot. Short books, chunky books, poetry books, prose books, borrowed books, fantasy, crime, children’s, thrillers, romances… pretty much anything. I have not yet found another author who can hurt me so mercilessly as Robin Hobb.

Fool’s Fate is the culmination of a dozen interwoven storylines over nine books and it will break your heart. I read this when I was recovering from a foot operation, so my days were spent largely alone at home. Fitz and the Fool, already so dear to me, became my world. Continue reading