Week 10 | Thoughts on Gardeners and Architects

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Week 10

Some time ago (two and a half years ago, in fact), I spoke about the Art of Foreshadowing and touched on two different approaches to writing: Gardeners and Architects.

  • A Gardener is a writer who has a basic idea and ploughs into the narrative, letting the characters and plot change and grow as they write.
  • An Architect is writer who has a clear-cut idea of how their story will begin, progress and end, and knows their characters inside out.

Two and a half years ago, I would have told you that I’m most definitely an Architect. I would have also been very, very wrong. Continue reading

Week 9 | My favourite secondary character

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Week 9

My favourite secondary character is the abrasive but loving Priya Dhawan. A Changeling who has lived in the Seelie Court for a number of years, Priya was originally abducted by a suburban faery during a prank war.

At the beginning of The Elder Throne, the act of stealing children has been grossly out of fashion for hundreds of years. However, it is not technically illegal, so Changelings of various ages crop up throughout the series.

Originally trapped against her will because she ate some of their food, Priya later chose to remain in the faerie realm. She keeps her reasons for this close to her chest until she meets someone in The Winter Court who has gone through a similar situation. She now lives and works with Mrs. Cobb, who runs the Circle of Healing in the Seelie Court. Continue reading

Week 8 | What event could have changed everything, and how?

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Week 8

There are a few ‘tipping points’ in The Elder Throne but the most prominent of these can be traced back to Knightshade Valerian’s birth. S.E. Berrow once likened Knightshade to Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings: he isn’t the main character, but his actions and choices have a ripple effect that make him integral to the story.

Knightshade is the son of Seelie Warrior Cathal Valerian and UnSeelie traitor and spy, Blossom Blackwood. He was born about three months after Prince Huck, who became his best friend at ten years of age.

Without Knightshade’s existence (say, if Blossom Blackwood had not defected to the Seelie Court after all), the following things would not have happened: Continue reading

Week 7 | Favourite relationship in The Elder Throne

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Week 7

I’ve been mulling this question over since Week 1 because the answer keeps changing. Relationships are an important part of The Elder Throne and subsequent books, so it’s difficult to settle on just one dynamic when a few have their own unique merits. The top three contenders I considered were:

  • Anna Squires and Grandfather Abe
  • Grandfather Abe and Holly
  • Burr and Spindle Larkspur

I finally decided on Burr and Spindle Larkspur. Continue reading

Week 6 | An interview with your protagonist

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Week 6

This week’s question is all about my protagonist, Anna Squires. I used the basic questions suggested in a previous post of mine – Hot Seating – which is a theatrical method of getting into character. To avoid the particularly juicy plot spoilers, I’ve tried to take the interview from a time about half-way through the events of The Elder Throne, where Things Have Happened but hell hasn’t broken loose just yet. Continue reading

Week 5 | Chapter 5, Line 5… share 5 lines of your WIP and then invite 5 writers to do the same.

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Week 5

The Elder Throne has gone through quite a few drafts, so Chapter Five, Line Five has changed significantly during the writing process (and will probably change again before I declare my book finally complete). In its current state, it is a short description from Anna’s tour of the Seelie Court, which she is shown by the Changeling, Priya Dhawan.

In the extended scene, Anna gets an eye-opening look at the kingdom she has fallen into, including meeting some of its residents – both pleasant and decidedly unpleasant. She also catches a glimpse of the entrance to the Unseen Road – a pathway that many faeries travel upon, but from which not all return.

The Seelie Court stretched for miles, surrounded by dense forest in every direction. At the very edge of the forest, a line of warriors in blue stood, swords by their side. Faeries clustered in the middle of the line, at a gap in the trees that rippled in the sunlight like a  bubble trapped underwater. Some of the faeries held banners, strongly reminding Anna of families waiting at airport gates. A blue Pixie with rattling spines on her shoulders gestured wildly at a blonde soldier, who was shaking his head apologetically.

And now, the five authors I’d like to invite to share their lines:

Week 4 | Your favourite thing that DIDN’T make it into the book (such as a background story, description or an erased character)

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Week 4

There are a few things that didn’t make it into The Elder Throne’s final draft, including a character called Bumble who shall never be spoken of again. My favourite thing that didn’t make it, however, is Blossom Valerian’s (nee Blackwood) backstory. Continue reading