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The Equinox Trilogy


11 year old Anna Squires doesn’t believe in fairies. Or, at least, she didn’t.

After her eccentric grandfather vanishes from his cottage in Ireland, Anna is thrown into a hidden world of magic, myth and legend; a place of missing princes, stolen children and deadly kelpies, where dangers can be found even in dreams. Far from home, Anna discovers an ancient grudge against her family that threatens everything she loves. Her choices? Fight an impossible enemy, or risk losing everything… even her life.

Equinox is the first trilogy of The Seelie Court Series (middle grade / age 9-12). You can find out more about its companion series on The Wild Hunt Chronicles page.


Author’s note: The Elder Throne was longlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015. It is going through a vicious round of edits before it sets off on its second “query batch” attempt.