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The Equinox Trilogy


“The fae-folk aren’t like those silly, glittery creatures on your television. They’re powerful, Anna, and very dangerous if you cross them the wrong way.”

When her grandfather’s house explodes, 11-year-old Anna Squires is thrown into a hidden world of myth and legend. The Seelie Court – home of the proud and vicious Sidhe, stolen children and deadly kelpies – holds the key to a family secret that will change her life forever. That is… if she survives that long.


Equinox is the first trilogy of The Seelie Court Series (middle grade / age 9-12). You can find out more about its companion series on The Wild Hunt Chronicles page.


Author’s note: The Elder Throne was longlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015. It is going through a vicious round of edits before it sets off on its second “query batch” attempt.