Earning My Stripes: My first rejection


Those of you who tune into my Twitter feed may have already seen my first real milestone. On Friday, I received my first rejection letter for a query re. The Elder Throne.

It was an exceptionally polite and nice rejection letter, and I wouldn’t mind receiving such a missive again from them. Obviously, the basic message was still ‘no thank you’, which led me to conclude four things:

  1. Rejection isn’t as heart-crushingly awful as I thought it would be.
  2. My fellow writer friends (notably Lucy Flint, S.E. Berrow, Julie Hutchings and Mandy Rabin) are lovely, lovely people.
  3. The Elder Throne may not be as finished as I thought it was (but I’m waiting to make a decision on that one until after I receive replies from the outstanding 4 queries I sent).
  4. I can absolutely do this writing thing.

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Where the wild things are: Sending my first query into the world

On Friday 11th December, I was taken by a somewhat reckless desire to send my first query into the world. As you might know, I’ve been working on my query approach and manuscript submission for the last two months, but I hadn’t considered sending anything off until the new year. The reasons for this were that I was told not to by every Internet source on book queries. Hence why I consider my desire (and subsequent action) reckless.

Let’s make no bones about this: I’m wholeheartedly expecting a rejection.


I’m not even at the ‘I’m expecting a no but secretly hoping for an offer’ stage – I will be utterly shocked if I’m met with anything but a form rejection letter/email.  Continue reading

Starting my first query

Okay. The time has come.

My Elder Throne manuscript sleeps quietly on my USB (and C drive, and external hard drive, and in my drawer as a print-out, just in case). It’s exhausted. It went through a rigorous round of Final Edits with me this week and its shiny, polished self is spent.

As am I, but I can’t rest yet. It’s time to get to grips with my query.

That means it’s also time to follow my favourite piece of advice ever given by an evil lion.


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