Sew Creative: A festive patchwork blanket

Christmas blanketI mentioned the Christmas Blanket Project in my last Sew Creative post, here.

Well, it’s finished!

Things I learned:

  • Patchwork blankets are ridiculously time-consuming.
  • Don’t leave the sewing machine on when a puppy is running around by the foot pedal (the puppy is fine, my fabric was not).
  • Sometimes less is more.

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Sew Creative: Christmas crafts


My long-suffering partner gifted me with a sewing machine for my last birthday, as I was overtaken by the desire to Make Things. (This happens fairly often).

As I always work better with deadlines, I decided that I would use my sewing machine powers to create Christmas gifts for my mum and my niece, Olivia. Continue reading

Sew Creative: A little summer madness

When summer pokes its head through the door, I go a little crazy.

Some people have hayfever; I go haywire, creatively speaking. Once a writer, always a writer, but sunshine makes me want to pick up other hobbies. I usually paint Disney pictures when the weather is fine but, for 2015, my chosen poison is sewing.

Like a squirrel with nuts, I’ve been gathering inspiration for the winter months. Mama Goodacre has already requested a Christmas blanket for Winterfest 2015, but in my spare time, I came up with a double-sided blanket design based on my favourite author, Robin Hobb:

FitzFool_Page_1      FitzFool_Page_2

The blanket will be made from fleece and will be the first time I use Applique… obviously I will be practicing my technique beforehand!

This blanket has already been reserved by my fellow writer and Robin Hobb fan, S.E. Berrow, but I’ll be sure to duplicate it for my own geeky, snuggly needs.

If anyone is similarly crafty and would like a larger version of the blanket template, feel free to poke me for it.