Writing is hard

This section is…

Intended to help writers hone their craft. I believe there’s always more to learn and ways to improve. It’s divided into six parts: Character Development, Plot Development, World Building, Progress (the actual ‘writing’ part of writing), Editing and Querying.

I am…

Not the world’s greatest writer. Personally I think that honour belongs to Robin Hobb. However, I am a better writer than I was last year, and the year before that, and I’m especially better than the precocious seven-year old I was when I started this adventure.
This is largely due to:
  • educating myself on literary techniques
  • the advice I garnered from industry professionals
  • off-the-cuff writing methods I personally find useful
… so I’m sharing it in the hope it helps other people too.

However, if you want to check out my credentials before you take advice from a complete stranger, you can read more about me here >>

Character Development Plot Development World Building
Progress Editing Querying

Go on, let me know what you think!

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