Week 39 | Your book is now a film. Who is in your dream cast?

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 39

“Dream casts” aren’t really something I think about as I find it unlikely that The Elder Throne would ever be made into a film and – if it did – I doubt I would have any input in the casting decisions.

However, I’ve been honing this series for a few years now and I’d be lying if I said I’d never come across an actor and thought “They’d be perfect for XX,” if only on a purely visual level. So, although I don’t have everyone, here is the ‘Dream Cast’ for the few characters I’ve stumbled across:

Aberon3 Holly Knightshade

Aberon Gladiolus

Holly Squires Commander Knightshade Valerian
DC: Nigel Havers DC: Rachelle Lefevre

DC: Jason Isaacs

Janus.jpg Sage Leander

Commander Janus Atropa

Sage Begonia Lord Leander Goodfellow
DC: Rachel Weisz DC: Lyndie Greenwood

DC: Eddie Redmayne

Bracken Wisteria Quinlan

Lt. Fearghal Bracken

Wisteria Wisp Quinlan Marsh
DC: Bradley James DC: Dame Maggie Smith

DC: Algee Smith

Mythe Tythe Moloch

Mythe Morcant

Tythe Morcant Cpt. Moloch Penwith
DC: Nicholas Hoult DC: Ed Skrein

DC: Jason Statham

Cobb Azalea Clematis

Mrs. Cobb

Azalea Burgeon Lady Clematis
DC: Archie Panjabi DC: Nicole Beharie

DC: Anna Chancellor

Blossom Cathal Arum

Blossom Valerian (Blackwood)

Cathal Valerian Arum Vale
DC: Keri Russell DC: Chris Hemsworth

DC: Mads Mikkelson

You’ll notice that I haven’t ‘cast’ Anna, Priya, Burr or Spindle – I’m afraid they remain solely in my head for now!

Go on, let me know what you think!

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