Week 37 | Which writer would you trust to finish your book if you weren’t able?

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Week 37

This is the trickiest question in the whole challenge.

SEBerrowI’d like to say S.E. Berrow as she is my most trusted writing partner (going on 10+ years now) but, let’s face it, she’d turn The Elder Throne into a decidedly adult book featuring Knightshade Valerian instead of a children’s series with Anna Squires at the helm. Plus, if I died, bequeathing her a potential fifteen novels to write, I wholeheartedly believe she’d resurrect me just to kill me again herself. So, that’s Berrow out of the picture.


To answer this question, therefore, I’m going to jump into the realms of fantasy and pretend I have access to all the famous children’s writers I admire. My first choice to write Elder Throne if I were not able would be… **drum roll** Derek Landy.

Why Derek Landy? Three reasons.


Firstly, he’s a fantastic children’s writer, whose stories have just the right amount of dark edges to them. If you’re not familiar with the Skulduggery Pleasant series, I highly recommend that you check it out. So that’s the first reason. Given some of the **** he’s pulled with Valkyrie and Skul, I doubt he’d have any qualms with where the Seelie Court Series is heading. I mean… what?

Secondly, Landy is Irish. Although my books are set largely in the fantasy realm of the Seelie Court, this is located in Ireland and, therefore, I feel that someone with a good background knowledge of the place could only help with that pesky ‘authenticity’ thing.

Thirdly, Derek Landy is hilarious, both on paper and in person. All children’s books should have some element of humour to them and I think he could serve up a wonderful slice of laughter in my absence. Oh, who am I kidding, he could probably write this series better than I could…

HOWEVER. He will never get the chance – even if for some mad reason he agreed to it – because I’m sticking around until these stories are told.

One thought on “Week 37 | Which writer would you trust to finish your book if you weren’t able?

  1. Yes yes YES. To ALL of this. Including the parts about what I’d choose to do with your books, and how I’d resurrect you just to kill you again. DON’T YOU DARE.

    Derek Landy is a fantabulous choice and I fully support this in all its forms.


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