Week 36 | A day in the life of your protagonist

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Week 36

OK. So by now, everyone probably knows that my protagonist is Anna Squires, 11 year old daughter of single-mother Holly Squires. Depending on what time of year it is, Anna’s daily life differs wildly so – to avoid spoilers – I’ve chosen to write a ‘diary entry’ from her 11th birthday, just before The Elder Throne kicks off.


Woke up to Mum bouncing on my bed at 5:32am like she does every year (because that’s the time I was born). I tried shoving her off but she got under the covers to give me a cuddle and presents, so I can’t be too annoyed. Every year, she promises she’ll stop once she “forgets the pain of the twelve-hour labour” it took to have me, but I guess she hasn’t yet. To be honest, I think she’s just being a big baby. How much can it hurt if women have babies all the time?

At least today wasn’t a school day though, so I got to go back to sleep. After, obviously, I’d opened my presents, because it’s never too early for that. Mum got me my own gardening kit and a book on home science experiments that I’m going to try out with Tom. It shows you how to make volcanoes and everything! It also shows you how to make your own snowballs that don’t melt in summer, and that weird cornflour liquid that turns into a solid when you put it on speakers and play loud music. Mum says we’re not allowed to try the last one though, after Tom tried it a few months ago without clingfilm, got the mixture wrong and now owes his dad all his pocket money for the next three years. Mum loves music, she’d kill me if we ruined her speakers too!

Tom came over for breakfast (pancakes, obviously) and gave me Broot Force, which is this fantasy quest video game that everyone’s playing at school. It rained nearly all day today so we played it and got really far. You can play two-player and race to see who gets the Mystic Medallion first, but we didn’t do that because Tom’s had loads of practice with his cousin Aleandro and he knows how to cheat. Plus, it takes me a while to get used to playing a new game with one hand.

Actually, that was one weird thing that happened today. My present from Nana Janet and Granddad Billy was more of a question, really. They said they’d booked an appointment with a private doctor and said they’d pay to get me a prosthesis if I wanted one for secondary school. I’m not sure I do. I asked Mum what to say but she said it had to be my decision and no one else’s. Although she did add that if I did get  another one, I wasn’t allowed to throw it under a lorry like I did last time – I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me for that, haha, but I was two!

As great as all the other presents were, the best one came from Grandfather Abe. He sent me a book called Secrets of the Emerald Isle, which is packed full of Irish mythology and old folk stories. That was brilliant, but even better was the letter that came with it – he finally convinced Mum to let me go to Ireland with him this summer! I’m so excited, I want to pack right now. I can tell Mum isn’t too happy about it, which I guess is fair considering what happened to Dad over there, but I can’t help it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tom isn’t too happy either because I’m leaving him alone all summer, but he’ll manage.

Actually, that reminds me. It stopped raining in the afternoon for a bit, so we took a break from Broot Force and went to Cho’s for some cake. I had the weirdest feeling the whole time I was out, like someone was watching me and following me. Tom said I was imagining things but it was such a strong feeling. It stopped when I went home though so maybe he’s right.

Right, Mum’s calling me for dinner now – birthday bangers and mash – got to go!

Love, me

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