Week 35 | An interview with a character of your choice

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Week 35

I was in two minds about who to ‘interview’ for this week’s question and finally settled on Priya Dhawan. I’ve used the ‘Hot Seating’ questions from before, which you can find here. Priya is a Changeling in the Seelie Court, meaning that she is a human child who wandered into their realm, and has begun to change because of exposure to their magic. However, she is not fully accepted as one of the Fae.

Priya1. How old are you?
I don’t know. I came to the Seelie Court when I was ten, but time moves weirdly here. I look about twelve but I think I might be older than that. Mrs. Cobb says I complain like an old lady.

2. Where were you born?
In my mother’s bedroom in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. I caught her by surprise!

3. What’s your favourite food?
Spiced pumpkin and potato pie. There’s a stall that sells them throughout autumn and winter, but the best ones come from Lady Hayley Goodfellow at Mabon. It’s just about the only thing that family is good for!

4. Are you allergic to anything?

5. Cats or dogs (preference)?

6. Why?
Because I don’t think many people like them compared to dogs and I don’t see why. They’re just as good. They’re four-legged fluffy things and the best part is that you don’t have to pick up their poo because they usually do it in someone else’s garden. When I was in the human world, I had a cat called Bilāḍī (literally means cat in Gujarati) and he was my favourite thing in the world. We had to leave him behind when we moved to Ireland for my father’s work and I cried for a week.

7. What has been the best day of your life so far?
Probably making real friends (Anna and Spindle) in the Seelie Court. I don’t really count my years in the human world as my life anymore.

8. And the worst?
… I’d rather not go into it right now. Let’s just say that there’s a reason I’m staying in the Seelie Court and it isn’t because everyone’s nice to me (they’re not).

9. Do you have any habits you’re ashamed of?
Sometimes I suck the bottom of my plaits when I’m thinking or nervous. I suppose I’m not really ashamed of it but I hate the choking gagging sound when a loose hair gets stuck in the back of my throat.

10. What would make you kill someone?
An accident, I guess? I’m a healer, so I can’t imagine ever killing anyone. I’d defend myself if someone was hurting me, but I don’t think I could ever take someone’s life.

11. Have you ever smoked/taken drugs?
I’ve smoked but not taken drugs. And I only smoked once, my brother stole a cigarette for us to try so we could fit in with the school crowd. We didn’t like it and it didn’t work anyway.

12. What would you do if I poked you in the eye right now?
Poke you in both. Just because I’m a healer, doesn’t mean I’m a pushover.

13. Would you ever wear trainers without socks?
Yeah, I suppose so? I always wear boots though, and I always wear socks with them because otherwise they’d hurt my feet.

14. Who is your best friend?
Anna Squires or Spindle Larkspur. I love Anna to pieces but I’m probably closer to Spindle because we spend more time together.

15. Where did you and your best friend meet?
I met Anna after she fainted coming through the Lia Fail portal. I woke her up with some fermented troll dung… she didn’t like that, for some reason… Spindle, I’d known about for years but never really got to know each other until Anna reintroduced us.

16. Will you wear this pink dress?
I’d rather it was red but yeah, I guess.

17. Who is your favourite superhero?
I don’t have one. I prefer heroes that don’t have superpowers because I think that’s cheating a bit. Besides, faeries have powers. It doesn’t make them ‘super’. Usually it just makes them arrogant and stuck-up.

18. What are you most afraid of?
Pain. I think that what most people are afraid of when they say they’re afraid of other things – they just think those other things might hurt them. Also spiders, which Anna and Spindle find ridiculous. I don’t know why.

19. Are you romantic?
Yes. Although there’s fat chance of me ever being romantic with anybody here.

20. Do you bite sellotape or cut it with scissors?
Whatever’s quicker. I’m not particularly patient.

21. How often do you clean your teeth a day?
Twice a day, morning and night.

22. Do you pick your nose?
Only if absolutely necessary. Usually I’d blow it in a tissue but sometimes that’s not enough to clear it, is it?

23. If you could have one job, what would it be?
I’d probably be a doctor. I’m pretty good at the healing stuff. But, if not that, I’d like to work in politics. Specifically the Circle of Culture because woah, do those guys need some new ideas.

24. Would you swim with sharks?
No thanks.

25. Would you go into space?
Yes! How amazing would that be? Of course I would.

26. You sneeze into your hand in public and don’t have a tissue. What do you do?
Get a tissue from somewhere or something else to wipe it on. What else would I do?

27. Your mother/brother/sister falls over. What do you do?
I’d never see that happen so it doesn’t matter. Now, if Mrs. Cobb fell over… well, I’d move out of the way because she’s ten feet tall and would probably crush me. Then I’d try and help her up. No idea how…

28. Do you dunk biscuits in your tea?
No. I like biscuits but I usually drink my tea black so it’s not as nice to dunk them in. I’d dunk them in milk, though.

29. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. I think you can tell who you fancy at first sight but it’s not love until you know a person.

30. Have you ever stolen anything?
I helped my brother steal that cigarette. I also stole a knife from Mrs. Cobb when I was escaping to the human world years ago but that’s about it for now, I think.

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