Week 32 | What is your protagonist’s biggest weakness?

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 32

anna1Without a doubt, Anna Squire’s biggest weakness is her naivete.

As the heroine of The Elder Throne, Anna obviously has a lot of strengths: she’s compassionate, determined and generally well liked, and she doesn’t like bullies or anyone exploiting others for personal gain. In relation to this, she is also quickly loyal to those who she feels empathy for, and she is naturally kind. For example, when Anna, as a fish out of water, is offered the chance to be accepted by a popular and influential noble fae family, the Goodfellows, she instead sticks with the self-confessed outsider, Priya, because she recognises Priya is being bullied and therefore needs a friend.

However, as good as these intentions and actions are, they are not based on a fair, impartial knowledge. They’re based on Anna’s instincts – and Anna’s instincts aren’t always right. This is because she is both naive and strong-minded, both traits that can be attributed to her parents and her upbringing.

Anna was born to Holly Squires and Huck Gladiolus and, one week after her birth, Huck disappeared, leaving Anna and Holly alone (and clueless as to his true identity as Prince of the Seelie Court). When Holly discovers the truth, and that the Seelie’s age-old enemies, the UnSeelie, are gunning for both her and her baby daughter, she reacts by becoming militantly protective of Anna. As such – and even though Holly has always encouraged Anna’s independence and success at school and in safe places – Anna has led a very sheltered life. She’s never gone on trips without her mum, she’s never been abroad at all, and her entire world up until this point has been within the small, friendly suburban Bockton Village, where nothing dangerous ever happens.

As such, Anna is not street-smart. She’s not even people-smart, and cannot fathom the lengths people will go to in order to get what they want. As she would never trick someone for her own personal gain, or purposefully hurt someone, she can’t understand that other people would. It is this weakness that repeatedly puts her in danger.

Anna’s other weaknesses are competitiveness, stubbornness and the blinding desire to prove that she’s just as good as everybody else.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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