Week 30 | Describe (or show) your book’s ideal cover

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Week 30

My book’s cover has been through several evolutions and I’m still not quite sure I’ve settled on the right one. Covers are so important, aren’t they? Anyone who says ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has clearly never been in a bookshop. With so many titles on the shelves, you want yours to stand out.

It should be noted that I’m a writer, not an artist or a designer. So, with that in mind, I’ve included two covers – one is concept art created by my fiance as a favour, and the other is something I mashed together myself when I wanted a new ‘clean-cut’ look. It’s hard to settle on what I truly want, really, and I believe that if I ever get to the stage of publishing my book with a company, I will defer to their expertise.

In the meantime…

Cover #1

The Elder Throne Cover 2

This was the cover of my initial Beta Copy. The front cover shows Anna Squires crouching in a tunnel with a flame above her. The back cover shows Burr and Spindle Larkspur, although Spindle’s skin colour is not right in this version [see here]. I like the idea of the illustration, especially as the Seelie Court has so many beautiful landscapes to exploit, but I’m not sure if this particular layout is the way to go.

Cover #2


This is something I designed for my own personal collection. Knowing that publishing is not guaranteed just because I’ve finished and edited a book (ha!), I like to reward my efforts by printing out a copy of any story I finish. The Elder Throne is one of fifteen stories that I will finish regardless of whether or not I get them published, and I like series to aesthetically match. So, I designed something simple and bold instead.

The front cover shows a silhouette of Anna ‘falling’ and Lia Fail, otherwise known as the Destiny Stone which sits on the Hill of Tara. The back cover shows a silhouette of Commander Janus Atropa, an UnSeelie faery who becomes very important to the series as a whole. My idea is that I will give my own books these covers as and when I finish them, but I’m not sure that this style is suitable for mass production print either.

If I ever get published, we’ll see!





6 thoughts on “Week 30 | Describe (or show) your book’s ideal cover

  1. I like all the covers! The first one reminded me of a middle grade cover, and the other, a YA Fantasy. I like the first a lot, brings out something about the character, don’t you think?


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