Week 27 | Your favourite location in your novel

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 27My favourite location in the Seelie Court (I’ll save my favourite UnSeelie location for if and when we ever make it over the border…) is the Circle of Knowledge.

Run by Madam Sage Begonia, it is in essence a huge library built into the underside of the Hill of Tara. It contains volumes on every subject you could imagine, from Fae and human history (told from a Fae perspective) to the inner workings of Faerie science, including magical botany and the ingredients for numerous, specific healing potions.

For being mostly underground, it is lit extraordinarily well, with some natural light filtering through small windows at the top of the library and magically reflected light coming through a large, stained glass skylight. The skylight mimics the natural light outside, so that the library is suitably lit for most of the day.

Not being much of a reader, it is Anna’s third favourite place in the Court, but it acts as a second home to Spindle, who works in the Circle of Knowledge as an alcolyte researcher and loves every minute of it.

As Madam Begonia tells her students, “These archives hold the entire written history of our kind, reaching back centuries before Queen Tara the Great was ever born. I have heard Madam Rostok describe the Grower Circle as the heart of the Seelie Kingdom, and the Warrior Circle its hands. The Circle of Knowledge, then, is its brain.”

This is very true. Members of the Court, no matter which of the nine Circles they ‘belong’ to, will find themselves in the Circle of Knowledge several times in a month. Warriors research battle strategies, Crafters look up ways to make better tools, Growers revise the best crops to grow and what plants to cultivate for certain uses, and Healers teach themselves better ways to treat ailments.

Under Madam Begonia’s loving hand, all are welcome in the Circle of Knowledge. There is just the one golden rule. Never, ever damage a book, or your next stop will be in the Circle of Healing.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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