Week 26 | Your protagonist was born a different sex. Does your story change?

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>


No, not at all.

I did think about this quite a bit, trying to work out if there were any decisions Anna makes or reactions she has that would be influenced by her gender. I came to the conclusion that she would act exactly the same if she were a boy instead of a girl. Anna’s actions are influenced by who she is as a person, and her personality was largely formed by her closeness with her mother, her paternal grandfather, and her best friend Tom. None of these relationships would change if she were a boy, therefore it stands to reason that Anna herself – and thus her story – would also remain the same.

However, although the story / plot itself would not change, there may be a few micro-changes to the way people react to her.

For instance:

  • Tom’s mother – Maria Scott treats Anna like a fragile doll. This may be less so if Anna were a boy, simply because of Maria’s traditional mindset.
  • Priya Dhawan – Priya might not be so ready to be friends with Male!Anna, just because of how much she sees herself reflected in this new girl thrown into the world of the Fae. They would, of course, still become best friends, but there may be some initial hesitation.
  • Burr Larkspur – Burr might be a bit more aggressive in his attitude to Male!Anna, but probably not by much.
  • Leander Goodfellow – Less likely to be so fawning; more likely to pursue a friendship between his son Gourd and Male!Anna. Definitely would be more traumatised when Male!Anna shoots him down; history repeating itself.
  • Janus Atropa – Janus might actually be nicer to the son of her ex-fiance but it wouldn’t be genuine congeniality. And all her actions would remain the same too, with the same results…

Go on, let me know what you think!

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