Week 24 | A minor character is now your protagonist. How do they fare?

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 24

Not very well.

The story that centres around Anna is a story that only she can navigate because of who she is and where she is at certain times. She alone overheard a piece of vital information that is key to discovering the mystery she solves, so if I were to stay true to the plot, then any minor character would be clueless about what’s happening until it happens.

However, if a minor character were to have exactly the same knowledge that Anna has… hmmm…

Milo Broc“badger boy”: Milo is a Japanese Tanuki, which is a shapeshifter. Being fixated on joining the Grower Circle, like his hero, Madam Rostok, Milo would probably notice the clues that relate to plants a bit more readily than Anna does. However, being a faery, clumsy and a bit shy, he probably wouldn’t have the motivation to seek any further knowledge. He’d probably just wait and see what would happen, and then regret not saying anything after it was too late.

Bo Vysta“fox girl”: Bo is a Kitsune, a trickster with the ability to pass as human. If given the same information as Anna, Bo would probably come to the conclusion that whatever ‘trick’ was being played would be a good laugh, and not do anything about it. She would later realise that she should have looked into it a bit more.

Gourd Goodfellow“the pie maker”: Gourd is a Sidhe. He wouldn’t have thought anything of the information beyond “that’s weird.” Then he’d have worked on his pie recipes.

Nettle Reed“deadly whirlwind”: Nettle is a Rusalka, the eldest of twins. Her strengths are strategy and physical combat, so it’s likely that she’d have been able to come to a conclusion faster than Anna did. However, being a faery who is not enamoured of humans or Leathas (half-human, half-faeries), she wouldn’t have lifted a finger to stop the ‘trick’ herself. However, being incredibly loyal to her Commander Valerian, she would have told him what she suspected, then followed his lead.

Thistle Reed“the afterthought”: Thistle is a Rusalka, the youngest of twins. He’d immediately ask his big sister Nettle what she thought, then follow her lead.

Tish Majani“snake girl”: Majani is a Maran, a snake-like faery race known for their wisdom. Majani herself is not particularly wise, but upon discovering the clues Anna does, Majani would likely seek the wisdom of someone older than her. In this case, it would probably be Commander Valerian.

None of these minor characters would be able to genuinely defeat the true villain of The Elder Throne, but some of them might come close with some help.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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