Week 23 | Top 5 quotes from your book

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 23

I didn’t really write The Elder Throne with “quotables” in mind, so I had to ask a few of my beta readers for any stand-out snippets. I’ve presented them without much context (and out of order) so I can avoid major spoilers. Enjoy!

Quote 1

“There is no honour in intimidating or hurting others, just because you can. There is honour in defending the defenceless, and fighting for what you believe in.”

– Commander Knightshade Valerian, introducing Anna to the Warrior Circle

Quote 2

“Isn’t that what happens, though, when we forget people? Don’t they die a little death?”

 Commander Janus Atropa

Quote 3

“The point of leadership isn’t to look out for yourself but to look out for the people who need your help and cannot help themselves.” He pursed his lips. “It is a sad fact that, for precisely that reason, those who seek to lead are usually the worst people for the job.

– Aberon

Quote 4

“Contrary to what our dear Commander Valerian might teach you, knowledge is the greatest weapon in the world.”

– Madam Sage Begonia

Quote 5

“Lieutenant, please go away,” Madam Begonia’s voice drifted towards her, sounding distinctly irritated. “It is late and you should be guarding Anna.”

“She’s fine, Sage. And for the last time, it’s not ‘Lieutenant’.”

“Why? Were you demoted?”

– A conversation between Sage and Lieutentant Bracken, who is giving her unwanted attention.




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