Week 15 | Recipes in your book

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Week 15

My favourite subject! I love food and, on one particularly hungry morning, I drafted this:

They’d reached the food part of the Market and the air smelled amazing. Everywhere Anna looked, a new, delicious sight reached her. There were huge barrels of hot honeyed nuts, stuffed pumpkins roasted with onions and potatoes, with tender meats being cooked beside them on spits. Freshly baked pies steamed from stalls on the left, every shape and size, and filled with apples and rhubarb and sugared pears. Fresh fruit was piled high in colourful pyramids, and mountains upon mountains of the strangest sweets Anna had ever seen. There were delicately baked biscuits in the shapes of leaves, iced all the colours of autumn. Sugar mice, chocolate hedgehogs and edible treats in the shape of every woodland animal huddled in sweet, tempting families. And there was bread, freshly baked and scenting the air with a sweetness that made her mouth water.

Food isn’t greatly important to my story or any of my characters (except Gourd Goodfellow), but I did spend a bit of time thinking about what kind of things faeries eat. Obviously, not being human, they can eat things that humans cannot, but below are two recipes that are suitable for both species (as long as they are prepared properly!):

DIAO-bxXUAELQiiElderberry Wine

A favourite tipple of Grandfather Abe’s, elderberry wine is a common alcoholic drink among the Seelie and UnSeelie alike. Prevalent at parties, dinners and in the home, every faery of age has probably tried this drink at least once. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember I picked some up in Cornwall so I could try it myself – but this was long after I decided Grandfather Abe was partial to a glass of it at Solstice festivals. You can buy Elderberry Wine from wine stores, although it doesn’t seem to be that common in supermarkets in the UK. You can also brew your own. Pinterest has several delicious-looking recipes that I might try one day, including this one.

Very Important Note: Whilst cooked elderberries are perfectly safe to eat, raw / uncooked elderberries are poisonous and can result in dramatic and vastly unpleasant vomiting. And, under no circumstances should Elder leaves or stems be crushed and used in recipes for similar reasons. Please prepare and drink responsibly!

recipe-image-legacy-id--1379_13Saffron yoghurt

This dessert recipe is a favourite of most faeries, because they commonly love sweet things. Chocolate is a big must, too, but this saffron yoghurt actually appears in The Elder Throne during a very important scene. Yet again proving myself to be a terrible Pinterest lurker, you can find the recipe for the pictured example here.


And another thing…

Another common faery recipe that is probably safe for human consumption (but I wouldn’t recommend it) is hedgehog stew. My human-raised protagonist actively avoids eating this dish because, well… look at the little guy!

Go on, let me know what you think!

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