Week 14 | What, if anything, would you like to express through your writing?

Part of the Acres of Ink 52 Week Writing Challenge >>

Week 14

I’m a firm believer in the whole ‘not every story has to have a moral’ concept, because I think children’s stories that are specifically written to teach children right from wrong tend to fall a little flat. When I was a child, I loved rooting for the small-time villains, or seeing my heroes angrily burst out at authority figures. I liked seeing them getting into trouble and, most importantly, having fun.

So, The Elder Throne doesn’t have a specific moral or cautionary tale to it. I like it better that way. However, someone can’t write a full novel without expressing some kind of opinion through it (or, at least, I can’t in this specific case). So, if I had to pick an idea that’s expressed through writing, it would be that there should be no limits to your belief in yourself.There are so many restrictions put on children, on teenagers and even adults, depending on what class they are, what their education is / was, where they come from, who their parents are, what they look like, their race, their religion, their mental / physical level of ability… and I like figuratively ripping those restrictions to shreds and setting them on fire. My protagonist is told throughout The Elder Throne that she can’t do certain things, or that she should behave in certain ways. She soundly ignores everyone who tells her ‘no’ and finds a way to do what she wants anyway.

Admittedly, there are things she is not capable of doing [spoiler territory avoided for now]. But if those inabilities stop her from achieving a particular goal, she doesn’t give up. She just finds another way.

So, that’s what I’d like to express through my writing, I suppose.

That, and attempting to ride mysterious white horses is a really stupid idea.


Go on, let me know what you think!

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