Week 11 | My favourite minor character

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Week 11

My favourite minor character in The Elder Throne, based only on what is known of them during the story, is Gourd Goodfellow. He is the only son and heir of Lord Leander Goodfellow, who is a power-grabbing suck-up. Lord Goodfellow’s one wish is the same as generations of Goodfellows before him: to marry his household into the royal family.

Gourd is Leander’s hope for a union, and he keeps trying to throw his son and Anna together. Gourd, however, is completely disinterested in his father’s ambitions. Instead, the sole focus of his world, his one, all-consuming passion, is pie.  

Gourd has a very healthy appetite and a great talent for cooking, which he inherits from his mother, Hailey Goodfellow (nee Bud). Hailey is a kind soul (far kinder than Leander deserves), and wants her son to just be happy doing whatever he wants to do. Leander is not so understanding, and forces his son to follow in his career footsteps whether he likes it or not.

The Bud family (Hailey’s parents and Gourd’s maternal grandparents) used to run a pie stall in the Court marketplace. When Hailey married Leander, he didn’t want her selling pies to the riff-raff anymore, and so she gave up the family business. Gourd’s dream in life is to start this pie stall up again and, one day, maybe even run a pie shop.


Cathal_Valerian_SFAlthough Gourd is my favourite minor character in The Elder Throne, he doesn’t quite make it to the number one slot in the series overall.

That honour goes to Cathal Valerian, husband to Blossom Blackwood and father to Knightshade Valerian. Cathal also appears in the The Elder Throne but isn’t quite himself at the time. He is my number one minor character because he’s just a delightfully hunky ball of sunshine and lollipops.

I have something very special planned for him.


One thought on “Week 11 | My favourite minor character

  1. Goooooourd! I too love Gourd ❤ I also love Cathal but he always seems more secondary character to me in the series overall. Maybe that’s because I’ve read the Blackwood novella.


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