Week 9 | My favourite secondary character

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Week 9

My favourite secondary character is the abrasive but loving Priya Dhawan. A Changeling who has lived in the Seelie Court for a number of years, Priya was originally abducted by a suburban faery during a prank war.

At the beginning of The Elder Throne, the act of stealing children has been grossly out of fashion for hundreds of years. However, it is not technically illegal, so Changelings of various ages crop up throughout the series.

Originally trapped against her will because she ate some of their food, Priya later chose to remain in the faerie realm. She keeps her reasons for this close to her chest until she meets someone in The Winter Court who has gone through a similar situation. She now lives and works with Mrs. Cobb, who runs the Circle of Healing in the Seelie Court.

priyaDue to her experiences – and the fact that Changelings are second-class citizens in the faerie realm – Priya’s outlook on life is not exactly sunshine and rainbow-coloured puppies. When she first meets Anna, she comes across as rude and sharp-tongued but, as my protagonist gets to know her, she discovers that Priya might be a bit difficult, but she has a good heart.

Priya is smart, no nonsense and has an acidic sense of humour. She is frequently bullied for being human in a faerie world, but gives as good as she gets whenever she can. The number of faeries she truly respects can be counted on one hand: Knightshade Valerian, Sage Begonia, King Aberon, Mrs. Cobb and Spindle Larkspur.

When Anna comes into her life, Priya is simultaneously grateful to have another human around, and jealous because Anna’s situation is obviously far better than her own.

Despite her personal set-backs, and faeries like Leander Goodfellow often telling her that humans aren’t worth anything at all, Priya is determined to make something of herself in the faerie world.

Her chosen profession is Healing. Her work with Mrs. Cobb is currently unpaid because no one has rights to a job or money in the Court until they earn their W.In.G.S. – which Changelings are not allowed to do. Priya’s aim is to change that and, if anyone can change a thousand-year-old law, it’s her.

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