Week 3 | Who is the book for and why will they love it?

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Week 3

The demographic of The Elder Throne is 9-12 year-old children of both genders. Despite this, I’m a distinctly aware that my readership might lean towards girls, because my protagonist is a girl and, stereotypically, it’s hard to get male children to read about female lead characters. I don’t know how true this stereotype is, but I hope boys will also read and enjoy it because, at its heart, it’s an adventure book.

Why will they love it?

I mean, what’s not to love? An unsuspecting girl gets thrown into a world of high-stakes, deadly mythical creatures and magic. The Elder Throne has mystery, sword fights, man-eating waterhorses, magical prank wars and attempted murder, plus a whole host of characters who thrive in a world where ‘human rules’ don’t apply. You have your grim-faced but stalwart knights, sweet-toned snobby lords, loyal but blunt friends plus a delinquent dreamer or two. Oh, and obviously, a set of villains you’ll love to hate. Or simply just hate, as S.E. Berrow does, with a fierce and vehement passion. Maybe it won’t be the next great classic, but it should be an enjoyable ride for anyone willing to give it a chance.

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