Happy Halloween: How to have a kooky, spooky Samhain

Acres of Ink

jack-o-lanternSamhain, (pronounced saa-win or saa-ween) falls on 31st October. Although it’s more commonly celebrated as Halloween, I’ll be focusing on the older traditions of the festival as this blog is part of my Celtic Wheel of the Year series. Gather around the cauldron, folks, and let’s get started!


Samhain, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, is the celebration of the last Harvest of the year. There are three Harvests in a Celtic year – the first being Lammas, the second being Mabon. Due to the importance of agriculture in the past, the third and final Harvest is seen by many as the end of the old year/start of the new.

bonfireSamhain was originally celebrated in Europe as a Celtic Fire festival and, although many think of Samhain as being on the 31st October, some celebrate it over several days and nights. These celebrations can last until November 6th (which is…

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