Week #22 | Workin’ on my fitness

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge


This is a sore point! I had such good intentions in January. I joined a gym, I attended several classes (every week) that I really enjoyed… and then I got Norovirus and skipped a few whilst I recovered. Ever since, I’ve been struggling to get back into my energetic routine.

These past two weeks, I’ve truly endeavoured to ‘get back to it’. My day-job is intensely desk-bound and my hobby / primary career goal of being a writer means that most of my free time is spent sitting too, either writing, editing or reading. Unless I want to wheeze every time I run for the bus, I need to do something about my fitness.

Here are the classes / exercises that I try to partake in once a week.

 zumba_class ZUMBA (Cardio)

I’m a TERRIBLE dancer. I have no sense of rhythm or timing and this is well-documented. However, Zumba is just so fun that I simply don’t care. I love dancing, despite being shockingly bad at it, and this class allows me to shake my tail feathers in a fun, fat burning way.

 treadmill THE TREADMILL HOUR (Cardio / Stamina)

Exactly what it says on the tin. I grab some music or download a Netflix show onto my partner’s iPad, and head to the treadmill for a brisk walk / slow jog. I’ve yet to master doing this whilst reading a book or writing a scene for my novel, but I dare to dream.

Body Combat_0


BODY COMBAT (Cardio / Self-Defence / Strength)

In my first Body Combat class, I thought I was going to die. For the first five classes, it took two minutes before I demanded of myself why on earth I kept returning to such punishing exercise. The simple fact is: it’s fun. It makes me feel capable and the exercise high I get afterwards (plus the pride of not passing out through exhaustion half-way through) is worth all the pain. And there is pain. Lots of it, for the next three days.

 teaserbox_2464355152 LEGS, BUMS AND TUMS (Core Strength / Toning)

This class focuses on my wobbly bits, which only get more wobbly with every passing day I spend at a computer. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what this class does, seeing as it is a classic for a reason, so I won’t add anything more.



YOGA / PILATES (Balance / Flexibility / Core Strength)

My forward-facing flexibility is shocking. I have chronically short hamstrings, which are so tight I can’t physically sit-up straight with my legs outstretched. I’ve never been able to do this, and it has only worsened through the years. Yoga / Pilates is my way of trying to prevent my limited flexibility from becoming a permanent problem, as well as improving my balance which is just as bad, if not worse. I’ll be honest though… I don’t care for the dreamy “cool down” session at the end of the class.

What kind of exercise do you enjoy
(or, alternatively, try to avoid at all costs)?


Go on, let me know what you think!

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