Week #19 | My quirky habits

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

This title from the blog challenge was originally ‘My OCD habits’, but I changed it as I don’t actually have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD is a real condition and you can find out more about it here.

In the spirit of the question, I’ve listed a couple of my ‘charming quirks’… you know the type of thing; the ones that really annoy the people around you when they experience them every day.

Knives and forks

I’m aware imageit’s stupid, but I like to eat dinner with a particular knife and fork set. This is purely because they fit comfortably in my hands and the knife cuts better than the others in the drawer. Yet it has become a habit everyone in my family knows about and has indulged over the years. It’s entirely possible for me to eat with other sets, but even my partner knows the ‘skinny fork, fat knife’ rule. The pictured pair belong to my parents, who were completely unsurprised to find I’d commandeered a few sets of them when I moved out.


imageI cannot leave an empty plug socket switched on. If there’s nothing in the socket, the socket must be switched off. I like to think of this more as safety awareness rather than a bad habit / OCD tendency, though…

Closed doors

imageI can’t sleep with the door open. This comes from years of sleeping at home with a door that’s slightly too big for its frame, so it becomes very obvious when it’s closed properly (the handle clicks) and when it’s opened again (the handle clunks). What started as a protective measure (my brother is a notorious prankster and if he tried anything whilst I slept, I’d wake up when the door opened) is now an incomprehensible habit – especially seeing as I haven’t lived with my brother for nearly a decade. I now live in a different house that doesn’t have a clunky door. Still, the door must be closed or I won’t catch a wink – something which my partner finds irritating when I make him get out of bed because he left it wide open!

What are your ‘charming quirks’?

One thought on “Week #19 | My quirky habits

  1. I’m actually struggling to think whether or not I have any. I too cannot stand switches with nothing plugged into them being turned on so I always turn those off but I think that’s an energy saving/safety thing rather than a habit. I also hate unread notifications and open tabs so I always read/close everything as soon as possible and try and keep my inbox level at 0 or neatly filed away. I also hit ‘clear’ several times on a calculator when only 1 time would suffice.

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