Five by five: Every episode of Buffy as a limerick


Today is National Limerick Day and, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across something I need to share with the rest of the internet. I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also of jaunty poems. What could be better than a combination of the two? The wonderful team at Waffle Meringue Productions have recapped every episode of BtVS in limerick form, with brilliant results (click here for their lengthy take on my favourite episode: Once More with Feeling).

Here are a few taster poems from five of my favourite episodes… make sure to check out WMP’s website for the rest!

innocence Innocence (2×14)

One moment of pleasure did sever
Angelus from his soul forever
And so goodness he shunned
And he thought it’d be fun
To give Buffy the worst birthday ever

hush.jpg Hush (4×10)

When Buffy awoke one bright day
And found her voice had gone aw–

body The Body (5×16)

In this world of demons and lore
The real stuff is often ignored.
So when no ghoul or spell
Can be blamed for this hell
The tragedy hurts all the more.

villains.jpg Villains (6×20)

Her friends think that justice will win,
But can Warren pay for his sin?
His gun tore apart
Willow’s still-beating heart
And all Willow took was his skin.

grave Grave (6×22)

A girl full of rage vows to send
The world to a fiery end
She goes down that path
Fuelled by sorrow and wrath
‘Til she’s saved by the love of a friend

Go on, let me know what you think!

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