Week #18 | My embarrassing stories

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

Young people at party.

I do embarrassing things nearly every day. I could list dozens but no one has time for that, so I’ll just give you the most well-known.

My ‘favourite’ embarrassing story happened on my eighteenth birthday. I was taken to a club by my well-meaning friends and I’d worn an outfit I thought would keep me cool whilst I flung myself about the place like a loon. It was a strapless blue top and jeans. Obviously, being strapless, I was required to wear a stick-on bra. The night went on, I got increasingly hot and sweaty, and my stick-on bra eventually lost its stickiness and kept slipping down. Finally, I’d had enough. My top was rouched so would successfully hide the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra if I took it off, so I went to the toilet, removed it and stashed it in my handbag.

A side-note: A few weeks previously, ‘Friend A’ had split up with her boyfriend. They were both at the club. 

I came out of the toilets and was greeted by a drunk and jubilant Friend B. I’d missed the gossip – Friend A was kissing her ex-boyfriend! Friend B was so excited by this that she grabbed my top and yanked it to get my attention. Being strapless, it promptly fell down. I flashed absolutely everyone around me, including the barman, who gave me a thumbs up, but not a free drink.

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