Week #13 | My favourite month

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From the colours of falling leaves, to the mist of crisp and bitter mornings, my affection for autumn is at its highest in October. This is the month of Dragon Days** and pumpkin carving, of long dog walks in parks, finished with cuddling up by the fire with a book.

I have always loved autumn and October, to me, is the epitome of the season. It’s the month where leaves have fallen but haven’t yet turned to mush, where the nights are cold but the sunsets are beautiful. When I was at school, October was the time when I’d walk home to find my mum waiting with a freshly made hot chocolate and a blanket for me to enjoy whilst I did my homework. Now I’ve moved out into my own house, it will be a tradition I try to convince my partner he wants to continue – well, without the homework part, anyway.

Traditionally, October is also a month of mysticism and the occult, two things I’ve been ensnared by for as long as I can remember. There’s something magical about this month and it’s not just because of Halloween. Although, perhaps it is the centuries of tradition that surround the festivals in this month (for example, Samhain) that make it feel ancient, too. The mist that lingers in the early morning lends a haze to the world, promising the unknown. The harvest is over and the decline into winter has begun, offering us a last burst of colour as the natural world fades for another year.

** A Dragon Day is the first day after summer when you can see your breath on the cold air – so called because nearly everyone I know immediately pretends to be a dragon.

What’s your favourite month?

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