Week #10 | Oh, to win a million pounds…

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

giphy (1)Whenever I imagine myself rich (and we all do at some point), it is because I’ve earned my money from writing, and thus am able to financially support myself on the strength of my wonderfully popular novels. I would continue writing, however, regardless of how much money I had earned.

The likelihood of that happening in reality is actually poorer than winning the lottery, I think, but the same principle applies. I’ve never wanted to be obscenely wealthy, because I don’t see the point to it. So, if I won £1,000,000 British sterling, I would split it up as follows:

  • £200,000 would go to my parents, for everything they’ve ever done for me.
  • £100,000 would go to my sister, for whatever she’d like to spend it on.
  • £100,000 would go to my brother, for the same reason.
  • £60,000 would be split between my nephew and nieces to go towards their university educations.
  • £250,000 would pay off my mortgage so my partner and I could enjoy whatever money we earned from then on.
  • £30,000 would be spent taking my best friends on a trip around the world, wherever they wanted to go.
  • £100,000 would be put into savings and investments to prepare for mine and my partner’s retirement, because I’m pretty sure the government is going to diminish our state pension…
  • And the remaining £160,000 would be given to charity, namely the following: Great Ormond Street Hospital (for everything they did for me as a baby), Moorfields Eye Hospital (for everything they did for me as a child and are still doing for me as a woman today), Dementia UK, Reach, the Royal National Institute for the Blind and Crisis.

It’s a nice dream… 


Oh well, back to the day job!

If you’d like to find out more about the charities I mentioned, the links to their websites are below:

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