Week 3 | Meet my family (if you dare)

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

Presenting… *drumroll*… the Goodacres.

Meet the Parents

Mum and Dad are quite shy of the Internet, so I won’t put up any photo or embarrassing anecdotes about them. Suffice to say that I get my stubbornness and spark from my mum, my humour and my music taste from my dad, and I love them both a great deal.

And now for the rest of the loonies…

Meet the Siblings

paulaPaula is my older sister and often time the butt of the family’s jokes, because she has a remarkable habit of doing really stupid things without realising why they’re stupid. For instance, I have Syndactyly on my feet, meaning that my toes are joined together. For Christmas one year, she bought me toe-socks, and it wasn’t until I took off my slippers that very morning, she remembered I wouldn’t be able to wear them. She was twenty-seven at the time.

My sister is something of an introvert and surprisingly shy for someone so popular. She’s a great laugh, and always up for playing games and any fun that’s to be had. However, she likes nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea, a good book, or the next episode of The Walking Dead. She’s a Game of Thrones enthusiast and, as the apron I got her last Christmas declares, the World’s Most Average Cook. (She loves this apron and wears it all the time). She’s incredibly caring, if a bit ditzy, and is well on her way to becoming Mum 2.0 in later life. She also has terrible music taste, but you can’t have everything.


Steven is my older brother, the middle child and our parents’ favourite offspring. I joke, I joke. Clearly I’m the favourite.

Steven’s a personal trainer and bluntly tells everyone else that we eat too much rubbish and exercise too little. Whilst both of these things are true, he’s largely ignored because he’s Steven. He loves to travel, having been around the world once already and always revisiting places when he can. He, unlike my sister, has great taste in music and, of all my family, is probably the most similar to me in terms of temperament, interests and hobbies. He loves to try new things: food, places, going to gigs and days out etc. He’s also a massive cheat at Trivial Pursuit. 

He’s the kind of big brother that buys you sweets at the shop to surprise you, but then delivers them by throwing the bag at your head. He also loves fancy dress parties (see. Week 2) and takes an unusual amount of pleasure in wearing women’s clothes for the cause. He also – no matter how much he denies it – broke my foot five Boxing Days ago. I just want that on the record. It was not my fault. It was his. The end.

Meet the Kids

These three pests are the lights of my life in many ways, and the bane of my existence in many others. They’re my sister’s children but (as they frequently tell me they want to be adopted by me) they’re pretty much my own – only I get to hand them back when the weekend is over.

Jake was born when I was thirteen and, as such, we’ve always been more friends than aunt and nephew. We share a love of dogs, Marvel comics and can often be found jetting off together to New Zealand. He’s a great artist but a prankster at heart: recent hijinks include sellotaping the doors shut so his Mum got trapped in the shower for two hours, and repeatedly drawing a sore on his hand that was so convincing, my sister applied Savlon to it for 4 days before he confessed it wasn’t real.


Issy is the reader, and devours books almost as frequently as I do. She was actually the inspiration for my current novel series, after I convinced her that if she was really good until she was thirteen, she’d grow fairy wings. She believed me for a total of four months, and it was the quietest and most well-behaved she’s ever been. I believe she still holds a grudge about it to this very day, but she needs to be nice to me because I’m the source of all the books.

Olivia is the youngest and, being the third child (as I am the third child of my family) is a massive weirdo. I mean this in the nicest way, because her imagination is so bright, it’s almost blinding. Olivia is destined to follow her own path in life and it’s very difficult to dissuade her from something once she’s got her mind set on it. Despite her vivid imagination, however, she is, at times, the most practical person in the world. For instance, aged 3, her cousin Lily told her she had to eat all her carrots, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to see in the dark. Olivia replied that she’d “just use a torch.”

She’s pictured below,  after convincing her brother and sister to wrap her up in a shroud because she ‘wanted to know what it’s like to be dead.’


Meet the Boy

mattMatt is my partner of three years, although I’ve known him for nearly fifteen. In fact – fun story – he was my ‘childhood sweetheart’; he was my first ever date when we were fourteen. It was a completely disastrous event, and the source of many anecdotes I’ve told since, so when I met up with Matt again three and a half years ago, I certainly wasn’t expecting an impending romance. We ran into each other at a mutual friend’s gig and that, as they say, was that.

Somehow, he wormed his way into my life (I suspect dark magic) and we now live happily together in a funny-shaped house for two. We’re slowly moving in pets: a cat, a dog and two bearded dragons (Percy, Molly, Fred and George).

Matt is a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’: professionally, he teaches deaf children; for hobbies he acts (pictured: Cookie from Return to the Forbidden Planet), paints, sings, cooks, plays music and is fantastic at DIY. Despite my misgivings, he successfully laid the floor in our entire house and put up multiple shelves, brackets and frames – and nothing has fallen apart yet! He’s warm, funny, sometimes overly caring, always too smart for his own good, and I now can’t imagine my life without him.

He’s also a Slytherin, but I try not to hold that against him.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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