Week #1 | Meet my best friend(s)

Part of the 52 Week Blog Challenge

I can honestly say I am lucky enough to have more than one best friend. My friendship circle numbers about 8 close friends who have all been there for me over an astounding total of 17 years, but this post would be terribly long if I highlighted all of them. A top three will have to do: the first three who sprang to mind when I saw this prompt.

1) The Genius

nickyNicky moved to York a few years ago after receiving a degree from Oxford University, England. So far, she’s yet to buy me my own publishing house from the profits of her genius science inventions, but she’s a fantastic friend nonetheless.

Nicky’s been a huge part of my life since we spent several months in 2001 stealing spoons from each others houses, warring against mushrooms, and writing an ill-fated Lord of the Rings parody that shall never again see the light of day.

We’ve shared many obsessions over the years, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Supernatural, to Douglas Adams and good old JRR. Many is the night we’ve stayed up late swapping manly stories and nonsense conversations about ninjas and angels with dysfunctional families.

The great thing about her is that, no matter how much time passes between our reunions, everything is just the same as when we left each other.

My fondest memory of Nicky: Watching Monkeyshines together at 3am and discovering that a film about a murderous monkey with human brains injected into his butt is actually the best film in the world.

2) The Teen Inspiration

mariaMaria is, quite literally, my inspiration. She’s a bouncy, angry, vibrant ball of Disney, teen movies and geek all rolled into one and my life would be much poorer without her in it. I’ve been friends with her since I was 12, and intend to be 92 and still be watching 10 Things I Hate About You and drinking wine whilst our false teeth chill out in some tumblers next to us.

The reason Maria is my inspiration is that our combined love lives were the source of writing material for a book I penned when I was seventeen. Looking back on the novelette now, it still makes me (and everyone else) laugh at how wonderfully and embarrassingly dramatic we were.

She’ll always be there for me, I’m sure. Especially if I provide pizza.

My fondest memory of Maria: On a school trip, she forgot she was sleeping on the top bunk, tried to roll out of bed and fell directly onto the suitcases far below. I’m sure it was painful for her but it was hilarious for me.

3) The Writer

sallyCompared to Nicky and Maria, Sally is rather a new friend of mine. We knew of each other growing up but didn’t actually become friends until much, much later. Our friendship has been sometimes tempestuous, but I now probably speak to her every single day because we have such a lot in common. She’s addictive!

Sally and I are both writers, and spent a lot of our college and university life creating characters together that remain very dear to both our hearts. We now work separately on very different projects, but spur each other on to achieve greater things with our writing. You can find out about Sally’s writing projects (and her) at seberrow.com.

She’s a goth metal head who is obsessed with cats, tea and 18th century pirates. And that’s just for starters.

I can honestly say that I would be a different person without Sally around, and I certainly wouldn’t be as productive with my writing if I didn’t have her cheerleading for me!

My fondest memory of Sally: Climbing to the top of Notre Dame in France and shouting SANCTUARY at the top of our lungs.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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