BOOK REVIEW | The Fox and the Star by Caroline Bickford-Smith (2.5 stars)

61lxxe9qezl-_sx336_bo1204203200_Verdict: Exquisitely beautiful illustrations in a book that is ‘just okay’.

Usually, with picture books, I get my 5 year old niece to help me out. Being so used to reading books with words, reviewing picture books is somehow more difficult.

The Fox and the Star is a beautiful book. I mean it – I don’t think I have many books in my collection that could rival the appeal of Bickford-Smith’s stunning illustrations. For that reason alone, I would give it 2 stars, even if it had no story at all.

The tale itself is about Fox, who depends on Star for both light and his happiness, and how he copes when he can no longer see Star in the sky. I took it as a metaphor for depression, co-dependency and perspective but perhaps I was reading too much into it.


It was a nice and – in the end – an uplifting and motivating tale, but I didn’t find myself particularly moved by it in any way, as I have done with previous picture books.

Worth reading, but the (outstanding) illustrations are its main strength.


Go on, let me know what you think!

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