Rejection, rewrites and jumping off tall buildings (unrelated)

With the exception of my book sale post, it’s been Quite Some Time since I blogged anything worthwhile. I promised you all book reviews and then failed to deliver in spectacular fashion.

Well, I have been reading and the reviews will be forthcoming shortly. It just took me a little while to get my head (and bottom) into gear. Here’s what’s been happening in my neck of the woods:

  • I received my fifth and final rejection letter – possibly the politest of its kind ever written – so decided to revise The Elder Throne yet again before my next query attempt. Just a tad, though.
  • Due to aforementioned rejection letter, which called my manuscript ‘a near miss’, I have also been happily continuing with my book’s sequel, The Winter Court.
  • I signed up to abseil down Canary Wharf in order to raise money for The National Autistic Society. Given I’m not oh-so-fond of heights, being naturally 5ft nothing, this could be the most terrifying decision I’ve ever made.
  • And over-time. So much over-time.

But I’m back from all that – with the exception of the Abseil for Autism, which happens on the 14th May – so business will resume as usual. See you all soon!

If you’d like to find out more about The National Autistic Society, their website is here:

If you’d like to make a donation (no matter how small!) to the fundraising for Abseil for Autism, please check out our JustGiving page. All overheads have already been paid by our company, so 100% donations go directly to the charity.

For reference, I’ll be abseiling…

  • circa 50 times my height.
  • 230 feet.
  • 70.1 metres.
  • In other words, really high.
  • Too high, one might say, but I’ve already handed the form in.

… I’ll let you know if I survive.




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