We need to talk about Kennitsson

It’s no secret I adore Robin Hobb books, potentially more than life itself. So when my fellow fan, S.E. Berrow, delivered some exciting news this morning, I was filled with an unquenchable glee.

From Hobb’s own blog, 5th March:

…And the manuscript is what I must return to right now.  I am both re-writing the earlier parts of the book, and pushing into the end chapters. I need to get back to that, as I left Fitz and Amber in a room with Kennitsson, on board the Paragon…

Fitz? On the Paragon? With Amber and the son of Captain Be-Still-My-Little-Black-Heart Kennit?

It kills me that this book won’t be out in August as I’d originally hoped, but only because I’m so impatient. I can barely wait five minutes for more information about Kennitsson in general, and this scene in particular. I have so many questions I want answered, but I’ll be happy to sit and spiral into madness with anticipation.

I know Hobb. This is going to be worth waiting for.

My immediate questions:

  • What is Fitz’s reaction to seeing Paragon? Y’know, that sentient ship WITH HIS FACE.
  • What is Althea’s feeling about Kennitsson being aboard the Paragon?
  • What is Paragon‘s feeling about Kennitsson?
  • What is Kennitsson like?
  • Just how badly is Amber cringing at all the potential dangers to xer privacy?



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