Taking a leap: 2016

a5c7d64b-5088-4f5a-91f0-1130cd699fc0It’s February 29th, which means that I’ve had Poor Wandering One from Pirates of Penzance in my head all day (childhood trauma; congratulations and commiserations if you understand the reference).

It also means that I’ve had several people ask if I’m going to propose to my significant other today. No. If I’m going to propose, it won’t be on a day when I’m ‘allowed’ to do it. Where’s the fun in that?

But these are the leaps I am taking:

Readying my next five queries for submission. I’ve been in talks with a few people ‘in the business’ and they’ve kindly given me some tips on what to change about my submission and, most importantly, how to ‘sell’ myself. Even so, and despite the fact this is my second lot of queries, I’m not complacent – and I’m still expecting rejections. Let’s just hope there aren’t as many as last time…

Buying a house. I’ve mentioned this one before but as I’m signing and exchanging contracts this month, it bears mentioning again. I’m officially eating thin air for the foreseeable future, but at least it’ll be the thin air that I own.

Writing Book 2 of Equinox. This one should come as no surprise but, to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating like my life depends on it. Admittedly, querying and buying a house are two things that take up a lot of my time, but that’s no excuse. I’ve been dabbling here and there with my manuscript but… do you see that big box on my blog? The one that says ‘First Draft Deadline for The Winter Court: 9th July’? That’s not being changed. So I’d best get a move on. Starting today.

Side-note: For those of you who might be concerned that I’m only reviewing the TV show Shadowhunters these days, I apologise. I promise I do have book reviews and recommendations for you! They’ll be resuming this Wednesday, starting with Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm.

Go on, let me know what you think!

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