Where the wild things are: Sending my first query into the world

On Friday 11th December, I was taken by a somewhat reckless desire to send my first query into the world. As you might know, I’ve been working on my query approach and manuscript submission for the last two months, but I hadn’t considered sending anything off until the new year. The reasons for this were that I was told not to by every Internet source on book queries. Hence why I consider my desire (and subsequent action) reckless.

Let’s make no bones about this: I’m wholeheartedly expecting a rejection.


I’m not even at the ‘I’m expecting a no but secretly hoping for an offer’ stage – I will be utterly shocked if I’m met with anything but a form rejection letter/email. 

As strange as this might sound, this is best feeling I’ve had about my book in the last couple of months, including when it was longlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award. Sure, it’s not the jumping-around-like-a-loon kind of happy I experienced then, but I’m completely relaxed. Come what may, I’ve taken that first leap, the one I’ve been building towards since I was seven years’ old.

I’m about to start an adventure that I’ve wanted to go on since I wrote my first short story about two lion prides waging war in the suburbs of Kent (because that’s the type of things seven year old’s write). The going’s going to be tough, but at least I’ve started now. I just need to keep swimming and eventually I’ll get there… right?



Go on, let me know what you think!

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