Sew Creative: Christmas crafts


My long-suffering partner gifted me with a sewing machine for my last birthday, as I was overtaken by the desire to Make Things. (This happens fairly often).

As I always work better with deadlines, I decided that I would use my sewing machine powers to create Christmas gifts for my mum and my niece, Olivia.

Mum loves questionable Christmas B-movies on Hallmark and re-runs of the TV show The Waltons. There was this one episode where the Waltons were making a patchwork blanket and my mum said she’d always wanted one. So, instead of buying it, I thought, I’LL MAKE IT.

… as it turns out, patchwork blankets are ridiculously time-consuming, so I’ve not finished my mum’s gift yet. However, when I’ve finished, it’ll look a bit like this:


(As you can see, the fabric is suitably festive, and I will be adding felt Christmas embellishments to the finished product).

But the most important news from the weekend is that I FINISHED a craft project. This dog pillow is for my 5 year old niece Olivia. She loves dogs, pillows and pink, so I thought it’d be a safe bet for her this year.


I have named him Richie.

I’m not a natural seamstress, I have to admit. There were a fair few ‘oh for goodness sake‘s coming out of my mouth, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Richie the Dog Pillow didn’t come out exactly as I had intended him, but I’ve forgiven myself as it’s my first attempt doing anything like this.

If anyone would like the pattern for him, you can view it (and take it) for free here: Richie the Dog Pillow. [print intended for size A3 paper]

I made mine with a pink invisible zipper at the back, slit horizontally. This is because my niece has a habit of being sick over her toys and bed when she eats too many sweets. I wanted it to be possible to wash Richie should the worst happen! Obviously alternatives can be buttons, or simply sew the pillowcase straight onto the pillow if your child isn’t as projectile as Libs.

I used fleece for the pillow fur, cotton for the eyepatch and inner ears, and felt for the eyes, nose and mouth. The inside pillow was also made by me, with plain white cotton filled with Hollow Fibre Stuffing.

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