The Writers Retreat… back to their day jobs.

Monday, Monday.

So, it’s a week since my Writing Retreat with S.E. Berrow finished for another year. My day job calls (frequently, like a drunk-dialling ex-boyfriend) and another book deadline looms.

On the plus side, I saw a ladybird on my commute the other day. I named her Cheryl. 

My last update talked about how I’d finished editing The Elder Throne, and the post before that was me complaining how I couldn’t shave any more words off the novel. Well, ignore both of those, because I just re-edited my novel so thoroughly it felt like shaving a llama.Just-a-Shaved-Llama

I’m pleased to announce that I started with 73k+ and finished with… *drumroll*


That’s almost an acceptable word count! (Almost). I clearly waffle too much in first, second and third drafts.

Hopefully I won’t have compromised the quality, but I will let my trusty editor Julie Hutchings be the judge of that.

In the meantime, whilst I cheer Berrow on with her book Salt, I’ll be doing three other things:

  1. Sending The Elder Throne in for the Bath Children’s Story Competition (done!)
  2. Finally getting to grips with The Winter Court. The plan is to chain myself to my laptop and bleed words all over my keyboard. #HalloweenFrolics
  3. Getting my query package – synopsis, covering letters, literary agent/publisher research – ready for December, which I am dubbing the Month of Miracles. Mainly because I’m hoping some kind of related miracle will happen.

A busy time ahead!

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