Riddle me this: Question time on Tumblr

riddle me thisanonymous asked:

Hey I saw you wrote a children's book (I think) about amniotic band syndrome, I was curious if you had it yourself? I apologize if I missed it in some way.

Original post here

Hi! Sorry for such a late reply: I haven’t signed into Tumblr in an age!

No, the ABS was inspired by a friend of the family. I have a different genetic condition called Incontentia Pigmenti, which means I share a symptom of ABS called Syndactyly. It means my fingers and toes are affected in a similar way.

I’m always wary of writing about things which I haven’t experienced personally, though. Although I have a good idea from my Syndactyly, I made sure I researched ABS thoroughly! I’ve spoken to several people with Amniotic Band Syndrome and a few have read my book (which is currently in the query stage). My representation of Anna (the character with ABS) received a very positive response, so I’m hoping she’ll be well received by others.

Although my protagonist has ABS, I wouldn’t say my book is about Amniotic Band Syndrome. Anna is a fully-fleshed girl with a lot on her plate; she’s got other things to worry about than being born with one hand.

I’ll be updating my book query progress as soon as there is anything to report. Thank you for your question! 🙂

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