The 7/7/7/7 Writing Challenge

My good writerly friend, Lucy Flint, has nominated me for the 7/7/7/7 Challenge, after completing hers [here].

The idea of the challenge is to share your work (even – and especially – if you wouldn’t usually):

  1. Turn to page seven of your Work In Progress.
  2. Then count down to line seven. 
  3. You then share the next seven lines of your WIP in a blog post (this blog post).
  4. You then nominate seven other writers to continue the challenge.

First, a bit of background about the story. My Work In Progress is called The Winter Court and is the sequel to The Elder Throne, which is currently being made ready for query. The books follow an eleven year old girl, Anna, who finds herself thrown into a dangerous and magical world when she visits her grandfather’s home in Meath, Ireland.

Okay. Seventh page, seven lines from the seventh line. Here goes.

Grandfather Abe’s wrinkly face tightened as he tried to stop from smiling. He glanced at the clock.

“Ah… it’s getting late. What’s your bedtime again?”

“Eleven,” Anna replied promptly.

“Ten,” Tom said at the same time.

They looked at each other, faces falling as Grandfather Abe chuckled.

“I think that means ten, then, doesn’t it, Anna? Nice try. Up you go.”

Well… that was a random bit indeed.

The characters you met are:

Anna Squires: protagonist. The girl-in-question, She Who Kicks Murderous Faery Arse.

Tom Scott: best friend. Oblivious to everything that goes on around him. Loves dogs. Hates goats.

Grandfather Abe: relative/father-figure. Ancient, mischievous, has secret ties to the Seelie Court.

My nominees are:

  1. Yulia Kovnat
  2. Hiba Tahir
  3. Brett Michael Orr
  4. Kelley
  5. Kai Kiriyama
  6. Kristen Strassel
  7. Jimmi Campkin

Obviously, there’s no pressure. Only do it if you want to. But I really think you should, because why not?

If you’d like to link your excerpts back here (in the comments), you’d be very welcome, so feel free!

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