The Finish Line



Some may remember my talk about Pitching My Tent for Camp Nanowrimo. Well, Camp is nearly over now and I’m proud to say that, despite an extortionate amount of Day-Job overtime, family disasters and so on, I not only met my word count goal but blasted beyond it.


My goal was a minimum of 12k words, knowing that my July was going to be jam-packed. As of this morning, I am the proud author of 13,656 words. I’m now about a quarter of the way through Winter Court, with a solid idea of how I’m going to continue.

Next up…

Depending on the state of my nephew’s arm, I will be jetting off to New Zealand for three weeks. I’m currently debating whether to take my mini-laptop with me. The plane journey is over 24 hours (including stop-over) and it seems like a wasted amount of time otherwise. But, then there’s the hand-luggage weight. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Well done and continued good luck to all those who are taking part in Camp Nanowrimo this month. See you in November for the big one!

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