If you don’t bend, you’ll break : #CampNanowrimo #writing advice

This weekend, my nephew fell off a 10ft rope bridge and severed his hand bones from the rest of his arm. His wrist also snapped, but fortunately all the tendons, skin and veins were still intact. It looked something like this:

IMG_20150706_090551Grossly spectacular, right?

Well, now he’s fine. Chipper, even. He had surgery yesterday morning and is now happily comparing himself to Iron Man and Wolverine because he has metal plates and pins in his body. I’m so proud of him.

Obviously, zero writing for #CampNanowrimo was done over the weekend…I was too busy with ambulances and impromptu babysitting. From an auntie’s point of view, I kicked arse, but from an author’s point of view, I sucked it.

Monday morning: time to get serious. I heap on a few hundred words to my projected word count for the next week, and my lost weekend isn’t looking so lost anymore.

The point is – surprises happen. Life gets in the way. Don’t let life be the reason you don’t finish that book you have growing inside of you. Work with the time you have and find a way to get the words down.

And, if hanging from a rope bridge, try not to let go.

You can do it: write that book!


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