BOOK REVIEW: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (2 stars)


Well, okay. That dramatic verdict is not strictly true. Clockwork Prince did have a plot, but it was the kind of second book that only serves to lead into the third, instead of having its own story to tell. I understand that trilogies are tricky things but this book made me impatient by continuously circling a conclusion. 

Tessa, Will and Jem all return in this sequel to Clockwork Angel and my goodness, are the hormones rampant. If anyone read my last review, I touched on the fact that Will’s eyes (the bluest of blue eyes that were ever to blue) were the main focus of the romance plot. In Prince, Tessa’s complete indecision and Will’s emotional and mental damage get a chance in the spotlight.

Tessa, that otherwise practical, honest and sensible protagonist we met in the first book throws caution and chastity to the wind as she bounces between Will and Jem like a rubber ball. Now, I’m all for free love and you won’t be fitting me with a purity ring any time soon, but our heroine seemed to give no thought to the feelings of the boys – apparent close friends. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound particularly heroic to me…

Will’s 15 minutes of fame come about with a ‘twist’ that was rather obvious from the last book. It did little to warm his character to me, but he’s growing on me, finally. Like a blue-eyed fungus.

Jessamine… I loved Jessamine in the last book. I really did. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it. I had her pegged for a smart, capable but stubborn person. I didn’t see her twist coming and was disappointed when it did because I couldn’t believe that she could be so stupid (although that creepy scene with Baby Jessamine and the doll house should have been a warning, in retrospect).

Basically, at the end of this book, the only people I like are Charlotte, Henry and Jem. Jem Carstairs, you lovely, silvery beauty, you. I sincerely hope you don’t die or get your heart crushed in the next book for your imbecile of a best friend, because you’re clearly one of the few decent people around in Victorian London.

Plot and Shadowhunter politics-wise, we’re moving not-so-swiftly onwards, but we are moving. Drugs are being bought, Jem is clearly going to bear the brunt of this and everything is terrible.

I love Charlotte and Henry. I hope they don’t die.

Okay, okay. The positives: Clockwork Prince was still enjoyable in its way. I actually found it simpler to get through than Clockwork Angel for some reason, although that might simply be because I’m used to the characters now. My enjoyment level was about the same as Clockwork Angel so I’ll give it an equal amount of stars. It’s still nowhere near Mortal Instruments. After this, I’m going to go back and read it to reassure myself that Cassie Clare is capable of better.

I am assured by my friend, again, that Clockwork Princess is worth waiting for. Away I go to read it!

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